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Carrickfergus Learning Community

What is CLC?

The Carrickfergus Learning Community came into being in response to the Government recommendation that all schools should offer a range of 27 Post 16 subjects to 6th form students.

Economically it would be difficult for any one school to comply with this aspiration; hence the four Post Primary Schools in the town of Carrickfergus have pooled resources and expertise and are now able to offer a wide range of subjects. Our experience of collaboration is now well established and the benefits for CLC students as they complete their post-16 studies proven.

Since 2006 more than five hundred students have accessed courses that would have previously been unavailable to them. This has allowed them to better prepare for further education and employment in their chosen career paths.

The greatest benefit of CLC, for students, is a broader range of choice in courses and qualifications. There are the other advantages including an increased social mix, stimulation in a new and different environment, different teachers and increased independence. These experiences are of great value to a maturing young adult.

For further information on the day to day running of CLC please feel free to view or download our CLC Pupil Induction Booklet. This is given to all pupils studying through the CLC to help them understand the workings of CLC on a daily basis. Pupils also benefit from an Induction Day when they will visit their host school to meet key staff and find out more about what to expect in their studies and how to fit in to the school environment.

Carrickfergus Learning Community Parent Induction Evening 2023: 30th August 2023

Meeting ID: 853 8790 1554

Passcode: 116076


Documents available to view or download are the:


CLC Subject Choices Booklet
CLC Pupil Induction Booklet
CLC School Holidays Combined
CLC Student Contract
CLC Student Information Sheet
Application form to use own car for CLC

If you require any further information then please contact me at school on 02893363615.

Mr Martin
CLC Coordinator
Carrickfergus Grammar School

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