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Principal Hails Excellent Results



Carrickfergus Grammar School has congratulated its students at AS and A2 Level on their exam results in an exceptional year.

At A2 Level, exactly half the year group received at least 2 A*/A grades in their subject choices. A record 22 students attained an incredible 3 or more A*/A grades in their subjects, representing 29% of the year group. A further 16 students achieved 2 A*A grades..

Congratulations, in particular, to Daniel Sharpe, who attained 4 A* grades, as well as Ryan Brady, Megan Boyd, Beth Graham, Andrew Moneypenny and Beth Robinson who all attained 3 A* grades. At AS level, 24 students achieved straight ‘A’ grades in their chosen subjects, with a further 14 students achieving 2 ‘A’ grades.

Speaking after the distribution of results, Principal James Maxwell said: “We must remember that this cohort of students have had such a fractured ‘A’ Level experience like no other year group before them in history. The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic and consequent disruption to school life, including the instigation of remote learning, have meant that students across the UK have had to cope with challenges well above and beyond the normal Sixth Form experience. Our students here at Carrickfergus Grammar School have mastered all these challenges with resilience, stoicism and resolve, and they have been justly reflected in these excellent results. To say that we are proud of our students is an understatement. They are a credit to the school, to their families, and most importantly to themselves. The outcomes they have achieved are tremendous.

Mr Maxwell continued: “Behind every single grade is a story. A number of our students faced ill health and bereavement over the course of their Sixth Form journey. I would also want to convey my utter pride and admiration at how those pupils have achieved. I also wish to pay great tribute to the teachers and support staff of Carrickfergus Grammar School, who have undertaken the process of identifying Centre Determined Grades with tremendous integrity, fairness and professionalism.

“The results are also a clear vindication of this school’s unrelenting priority on the development of high-quality learning and teaching in the classroom.”


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