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Mock Exam Catch Up Information

Mock examinations, Years 12-14

Given the number of pupils in Years 12-14 who have missed mock examinations due to illness/self-isolation, the following special arrangements have been put in place to enable students to catch up on papers.

Year 12

Year 12 pupils will return to normal classes on Monday 17th January. If an exam paper has been missed, individual pupils will be excused from class to complete the exam in the Studio. Having completed the exam, pupils will return to classes. A revised timetable for mock GCSE examinations which have been missed is attached.

Years 13 and 14

Senior pupils will sit missed papers in the Studio during their study periods if they are returning to school from Monday 17th or during this week if their isolation period has been completed. Individuals have been/will be contacted to arrange suitable resit times.

Click below to download timetable:

Year 12 CATCH UP mock exam timetable 17th to 26th Jan 2022
Download PDF • 15KB


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