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A-Level Exam Success 2022

Carrickfergus Grammar School has congratulated its pupils at AS and A2 Level on their exam results which have led to the school’s best ever performance in public examinations.

94% of all Year 14 pupils achieved 3 or more A*-C grades at ‘A’ Level, a 6% increase on last year. Almost 50 pupils attained at least two ‘A*/A’ grades in their ‘A’ Level qualifications, with 22 pupils attaining 3 or more A*/A grades. Almost 60% of all grades received at the school were A*/A grades. At AS Level, 96% of all grades awarded were A-C, with 53% of grades being ‘A’.

Speaking after the distribution of results, Principal James Maxwell said: “The results received by our pupils are remarkable. This cohort of pupils did not have the opportunity to sit GCSE or AS level examinations due to COVID-19, and therefore for many pupils these assessments were their first taste of public examinations. Considering that they have had such a fractured GCSE and ‘A’ Level experience like no other year group before them in history, these results are an incredible reflection of their resilience, dedication and work ethic.”

“Each and every one of these pupils has been on a unique journey in recent years. All of them, alongside their families and friends, have faced the challenge and disruption of COVID-19 and consequent lockdowns. They have demonstrated great courage and strength. We are utterly proud of them all, and on behalf of the Governors and staff of Carrickfergus Grammar School, I offer them all sincerest congratulations.”

“Carrickfergus Grammar School also believes that these results are a clear vindication of this school’s unrelenting priority on the development of high-quality learning and teaching, the rigorous mechanisms our staff put in place during lockdowns to allow for the continuation of learning, and the teaching methods employed in the classroom to secure the best results for our pupils.”

“Carrickfergus Grammar School has recently been identified as the first Research School in Northern Ireland due to its prominence in learning and teaching, and ultimately we believe our approach is impacting very significantly and positively on the experiences of pupils in the classroom. I wish to pay great tribute to the teachers and support staff of Carrickfergus Grammar School.”


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