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Duke of Edinburgh

The scheme started in 1956 and its Founder and Patron is HRH the Duke of Edinburgh.


The award aims to provide young people with an enjoyable, challenging and rewarding programme of personal development.

Key Principles

Non-competitive – the award is a personal challenge not a competition
Voluntary – individuals choose to take part, activities must be done in their own time and on a voluntary basis

Balanced – undertake activities in four different sections
Personalised – each individual chooses their own activities from a wide range of options

Demand commitment – Award has time commitments at each level and should be carried out on a weekly basis, individuals cannot complete the hours required in a shorter period of time (eg 1 hour a week for 6 months cannot be completed by doing 2 hours a week for 3 months)
Structure – Available at three levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold, however we can only offer Silver and Gold levels.

Each year we have up to 28 pupils who take on the challenge of the silver award starting it in Year 11 and completing it by the end of Year 12. We can cater for up to 21 pupils in the Gold level. Gold begins in Year 13 and pupils aim to have it completed by the end of Year 14 when the final 4-day expedition in the Lake District takes place.

To complete the award pupils have to complete Volunteering, Physical and Skills committing an hour a week for up to 12 months and then take part in Expedition training, planning, practice and qualifying expeditions.

We continue to use the Mourne Mountains for Silver expeditions and Gold Practice completing the Gold qualifying expedition in the Lake District.



Miss S Mawhinney

Mr Crawford

Mrs Best

Mr Irwin

Mrs McKeeman

Miss Lemon

Mr Reid

Mrs Taylor

Mr Baxter

Miss Patterson

Miss Elliott 

Mrs Beattie

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