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Army Cadet Force

The Army Cadet Force is voluntary youth organisation sponsored and supported by, but not part of, the British army. Enough cadets go on to join the army to make it worth them supporting it but there is no obligation to do so.

The school has a closed detachment, open only to the school's pupils, that meets on a Wednesday night from 7 to 9 PM in the school.

In addition to the weekly meetings there are several weekends away each year where they join with other local detachments at Magilligan camp and then at the start of the summer there is an annual camp where they spend a fortnight away on the mainland. Attendance at these is of course not mandatory but is a prerequisite if they wish to advance in the cadet organisation and is useful in character building and is enjoyable for them.

There are also other events and competitions throughout the year such as sports or first aid competitions at both a regional and a national level. I do not believe it would be boastful to say that this detachment has won more than it's fair share of glory at such events.

They engage in a broad range of activities both military and sporting in nature. Drill is a fixture as is field craft but there is also orienteering, canoeing and other sports. They can obtain their Duke of Edinburgh's Award though the cadets and gain a BTEC which as it covers material and activities they will have already completed at that stage can be not inaccurately described as four free O'Levels.

It is a delight watching a child join and develop through their cadet career, gaining confidence and skills, acquiring arete and developing from just another shape into a confident individual who will be a worthy addition to any organisation. The Army Cadet Force does not create soldiers, it creates citizens.

Mr M Blair

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