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Spring Concert Postponed

Each year the Spring Concert has been a time when we can bring together, from Year 8 to Year 14, all the experiences we have enjoyed throughout the year. It is a time when we can share in the choral and instrumental achievements as well as individual success at festivals and competitions. In particular it is the evening when we can publically express our thanks to the students who will be leaving us after 7 years of music making when they have perhaps grown from fledgling musicians into confident, mature performers.

This year was also a time when we had returned to producing our own piece of Musical Theatre with a show, “We Go Together” which gave an opportunity for singers from throughout the school to perform on the stage as part of a story with the ultimate message of overcoming loneliness, fear and disappointment with friendship and ultimately by being kind.

But it is with these thoughts, and many more, that we still have had to make the decision to cancel this year’s Spring Concert and trust that you will understand that it has not be a decision taken lightly. For most there will always be another year, another opportunity, another concert but for our leavers we are particularly saddened and want you to know just how much we have enjoyed your music-making and trust that it will continue long into the future – you are all too good for this to be your final performance. “so it’s the laughter we will remember, whenever we remember the way we were”.


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