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Special Consideration - for the attention of parents in Years 12-14

If you feel that your child has experienced very extenuating circumstances (typically an illness, injury or event) that may have impacted upon their performance at the time of an assessment over the past two years, it is incumbent that you make school aware of this by e-mailing details to the info account at . School reserves the right to request further documentary evidence if necessary. It is also anticipated that you may have alerted school to these circumstances at the time.

The injury or event must relate to the candidate’s performance(s) at the time of taking relevant assessments. These normally fall into four categories:

• temporary illness or accident/injury;

• bereavement;

• domestic crisis; and

• the centre not implementing previously approved access arrangements.

Students will not be eligible for special consideration if preparation for or performance in their assessments are affected by:

  • long-term illness, disability, or other difficulties, unless the illness or circumstances manifest themselves at the time of an assessment;

  • bereavement occurring more than six months before the assessment, unless an

anniversary has been reached at the time of the assessment or there are ongoing

implications such as an inquest or court case.

In accordance with JCQ arrangements, a special consideration allowance cannot be applied or considered for lost teaching and learning due to COVID-19 (eg a period of self-isolation due to identification as a close contact). Lost teaching and learning due to COVID-19 is managed through the potential narrowing of subject content (eg the omission of a unit or part thereof) and the flexibility in assessments chosen to inform academic judgements within schools.

If you feel your child falls into the category for special consideration, you should e-mail school with relevant details by Friday 23rd April 2021.


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