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GCSE Exam Success 2022


100% of pupils at Carrickfergus Grammar School, representing every single Year 12 pupil at the school, achieved 7 or more A*-C grades at GCSE, including English and Mathematics. Moreover, 88% of pupils achieved 7 or more grades at A*-B including English and Mathematics.

63.4% of the grades obtained by the school were A*/A, and a remarkable 55 pupils achieved 7 or more A*/A grades in their subject choices.

The Principal of Carrickfergus Grammar School, Mr James Maxwell, congratulated GCSE students on their exam results, which are the best ever recorded at the school.

Speaking after the distribution of results, Principal James Maxwell said: “We always knew that our GCSE cohort was exceptionally strong academically, however they have exceeded expectations in the most challenging of circumstances. Their GCSE studies were disrupted as a result of COVID-19 and lockdown, yet they have come through it with resilience and resolve. These results are a testament to what can happen when teachers, parents and pupils work together in partnership to achieve high outcomes. The very significant success of our pupils reflects yet again the robust approaches and processes put in place by this school to keep learning at the forefront during lockdown. It is also symbolic of the school’s unrelenting focus on high standards in all aspects of school life, and the pursuit of high quality classroom teaching”.

In May it was announced that Carrickfergus Grammar School will become the first Research School in Northern Ireland based on its increasing prominence for learning and teaching strategies.

Mr Maxwell continued: “A number of our GCSE students faced ill health and bereavement over the course of their GCSE journey. I would also want to convey our utter pride and admiration at how those pupils have achieved.

I also wish to pay great tribute to the Governors, teachers and support staff of Carrickfergus Grammar School who have prepared pupils so admirably for the first set of public examinations since COVID-19.


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