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Art & Design

Why Study

Art and design helps to develop creative thinking and investigative skills which are key fundamentals for any employer, encouraging a creative and independent learner.

What Do We Study

Key Stage 3

Year 8

The main emphasis in year eight is covering the basics, each pupil concentrates in the improvement of their observational skills and learning how to apply structure to their work through project work on;
- Lettering
- Observational Drawing

Year 9

The main emphasis in year nine is explore different ways of being creative and to highlight to pupils other ways of working in Art through project work on;
- Photography
- Ceramic Design
- Animation

Year 10

The main emphasis in Year 10 is to build up pupils' skills and awareness of research and development skills, through project work on;
- Coat Of Arms/ Printmaking
- 3D Sculpture
- Mural Design


We study AQA Art and Design. Art will give you an understanding and appreciation of a form of communication without words. It will develop your creative potential helping you approach problems in different and resourceful ways.

What will I be studying?

The course is 100% coursework, split into two sections, project work and ESP (externally set project) which is assessed by means of an exhibition at the end of Year 12.

The project work is divided into two sections

- Fine Art; in this project each candidate will develop further the skills gained from junior school and extend further into a wider range of work
- Design work; in this project each candidate makes a choice from a range of design areas such as fashion, architecture, graphics and will complete a research project leading to a final outcome which for some is a catwalk piece in our fashion show

AS/A2 Level Art

Examining Board: EDEXCEL Length of Course: 1/2 Years

Exam Structure

Students taking the AS examination in Art and Design are required to submit Two units.

Unit 1 - Fine Art based each candidate investigates the expressive nature of Art with a message.
Unit 2 - Is an externally set project which is available in January. This is an interpretative research project.

Students continuing to A2 level submit 2 units:

Unit 3 - Course work project with a design base each candidate chooses a design area to research and create a final outcome from a single starting point.
Unit 4 - Is an externally set project which is available in January. This is an interpretative research project.


Mr K Hamilton BA PGCE (Head of Department)

Mrs J Beattie BA PGCE

Art is anything you can get away with

- Andy Warhol

Career Options

Specifically the areas of study within Art and Design provide the skills for careers in;


Product design / Ceramic design
Graphic design / Jewellery design
Fashion design / Textile design
Furniture design / Interior design
Architecture / Teaching

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