> AQE 2021-2022

The AQE assessments will be held before the Christmas 2021 break and will retain the three assessments.

The Entrance Assessments will be held on the following dates:

  • Saturday 20th November 2021

  • Saturday 27th November 2021

  • Saturday 4th December 2021


Due to the unprecedented circumstances, AQE has made revisions to this year’s assessment in order to recognise the disruption that Covid-19 has had on schooling. The assessments will follow the same general format as the past papers that many will be using for practice.

AQE has made modifications for this assessment, including:

  • The provision of detailed English and mathematics support documents for the 2021/22 CEA papers which will be made available on the AQE website for parents and teachers to access.

  • Some mathematics topic areas included in previous years will not be assessed in the 2021/22 assessment. Details of these topic areas will be available on the AQE website for parents and teachers to access.

  • Some of the English passages have been shortened where appropriate.

  • The mathematics and English questions have been revised to make them more accessible for this year’s assessment.

  • Access has been provided free of charge to a large selection of past papers on the AQE website and others are available for purchase so that children can prepare thoroughly for the assessment (AQE will be providing a guide showing which individual questions will not be relevant for this year’s assessment due to the revisions described above – this will be made available from mid-June at the latest).

  • A sample paper, reflecting the 2021/22 assessment, will be provided free of charge on the AQE website.  www.aqe.org.uk


The support documents for English and mathematics can be found at: