School Council Members

Election day

The elections for this year's School Council members took place on Monday 22nd September 2014 and over 500 pupils cast their votes on that day. It was a busy and exciting time for everyone – candidates, voters and teachers alike.
Well done to all candidates who put themselves forward and congratulations to the elected pupils who will go on to represent their year group.

This year's members are:

- Year 9 > Stephanie Lindsay and Connor Grant
- Year 10 > Stephanie Fleming and Craig Lindsay
- Year 11 > Laura Brown and Cameron Strange
- Year 12 > Amy Laird and Daniel Anaele
- Year 13 > Katherine Dick and Nathan Fugard
- Year 14 > Lucy Sharpe and Ryan Dillon

The Council will meet regularly and its members will voice pupils' comments and suggestions as well as represent their year group in various events.

Welcome to our School Council homepage

In 2006 our first School Council was created and ever since we have been working to offer pupils the right and the opportunity to voice thoughts and opinions towards a better learning environment.
It allows pupils to express what matters to them, to suggest changes or improvements and also to get more involved in the life and the running of their school.

In September, during an election day, pupils (from Year 9 to Year 14) vote for two candidates (one boy and one girl) within their year group to represent them. The elected candidates become School Council members and go on to attend regular meetings and take an active role within the Council.

These elected members bring up and discuss together issues or suggestions raised by their peers. They decide whether these issues or suggestions are worth pursuing or investigating and, when so and if required, liaise with the Senior Management Team to bring those to their attention.


Getting involved…

If you like to investigate issues, listen to others, put opinions across, join in group discussions and represent others, then our school council needs you onboard!

Put yourselves forward if you would like to become a school council member. You get a privileged insight into some aspects of the running of the school and get the honour of being elected to represent your peers.

If you wish to stand for election in September, you need to speak to the teacher in charge, Mrs Murray.
You will then be asked to prepare a manifesto which will be displayed with all other manifestoes. This document allows pupils from your year group to understand why you would be good at representing them.
The last stage is the election process, when your peers will go and cast their vote!

Some of the points we worked on…

The following points are an example of issues and suggestions which the School Council tackled over the years. They include getting mirrors installed in the PE changing rooms, obtaining bigger lockers for Y12 pupils, raising awareness of the high printing costs required in specific AS/A2 subjects, giving pupils' feedback on the school website, suggesting make-up to be allowed in school and offering acceptable make-up guidelines to be introduced in the school rules, getting the condition and cleanliness of pupils toilets improved, obtaining new tables in the Jamison room, discussing the established pupils' rights and responsibilities with the Senior Management Team, seeking permission for earrings to be worn in school, suggesting the option for senior ICT pupils to be allowed to go and work in a computer room during their free or study periods, the creation of an art mural by students, passing on our views about a reward system to the Senior Management Team, discussing the school's homework policy with the Curriculum Vice-Principal, giving their opinions on potential short-term changes to A Levels to our Principal, raising the issue of pupils being late to class because of locked classrooms, brought up the issue of free drinking water during the day etc...

Mrs S Murray

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