Mr R McMorris PGCE BSc
Mr R Currie PGCE BSc


Mr A Wilson


Technology and Design is a compulsory subject for all pupils at Key Stage 3, and optional for those at Key Stage 4 and at 'A' level. Programmes of Study for Technology and Design detail that which must be taught to all pupils. The teaching of Technology and Design aims to equip pupils with the skills necessary to live in an increasingly technological society by developing pupils':

- Technological literacy
- Awareness of the effects which technology and design have on the world
- Physical, intellectual and interpersonal skills
- Logical and systematic thinking
- Understanding of technological devices and providing opportunities to employ them
- Ability to identify, examine and resolve practical problems.

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."
—Steve Jobs, 2003


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The general aim of Technology and Design is to enable all pupils to become confident and responsible in solving real life problems, striving for creative solutions, independent learning, product excellence and social consciousness. The specific aims of Technology and Design are to:

- stimulate pupils' curiosity, imagination, creativity, and the ability to operate effectively in society
- present day, particularly as it affects the economy
- raise pupils' awareness of the implications of technology and design decisions on society and the develop, through active learning, pupils' understanding of technology and design
- develop pupils' abilities to identify anti respond to needs, opportunities 'technology push' and market pull
- involve pupils in purposeful design activities resulting in the development of products
- promote the ability in pupils to communicate information and ideas through a variety of media
- equip pupils with technology and design skills to enable them to cope with and respond more effectively to an increasingly technological society
- develop pupils' awareness of the nature and application of technological products
- develop an appreciation of the importance of quality
- promote an awareness of the means by which societies generate wealth
enable pupils to appreciate the importance of technology and design in society, historically and environment
- engage the interests of all pupils and help sustain their motivation for learning



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